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The Riviera is a true "Semi Frameless" shower screen, as both the door and corner are "Frame Free". Unlike other Semi Frameless screens, the Riviera is fully adjustable, with 80mm adjustment to the door and 20mm adjustment on the return panel.

The 6mm clear toughened glass meets the Australian Standards and is finished with polished edge glass. Leakage is eliminated by use of a vertical and horizontal seals.

The Riviera has been designed and constructed to be stylish and long lasting addition to your bathroom. It has high qualilty bright silver finish and a "D" handle or "Knob Handle" for easy opening.
Heights available:   2000/1950/1850mm

 740mm to  820mm                       
 820mm to  900mm
 900mm to  980mm
 980mm to 1060mm
1080mm to 1140mm
1140mm to 1220mm

2000mm High only
1220mm - 1300mm
1300mm - 1380mm
1380mm - 1460mm
1460mm - 1540mm
1540mm - 1620mm

Return Panel Width:

750mm to 7770mm
770mm to 790mm
790mm to 810mm
810mm to 830mm
830mm to 850mm
850mm to 870mm
870mm to 890mm
890mm to 910mm
Note: Custom made return panels made on request
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